4october2012: a vintage-themed candy buffet

bride: “thanks! love it to the max! :)”
groom: “thanks, your candy bar was simply brilliant.”

tonight, the JOandJARS team was honoured to be of service to a gorgeous couple at their InterContinental Singapore wedding celebration.

the bride first contacted us 11weeks ago, and we were surprised that she made her decision to engage our services almost immediately! as such, we were determined to create a statement display on her big day.

here’s what we came up with, based on the couple’s ‘vintage affairs’ theme, with specific colour requests of champagne, peach and pale pink. guests were treated to M&Ms (2kg of pink ones!), hershey’s kisses, garrett popcorn, ferrero rocher, pocky, and individually-wrapped marshmallows.

of course, what’s a vintage-themed candy buffet without some wine crates? :) also, we loved how much space we were given to work with – a standard table plus two accompanying square tables.

when it comes to vintage, lace cones are the order of the day!


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