4may2013: a purple & blue candy buffet

“thanks for your help & thanks for the letters!”

JOandJARS_DessertBuffet_Fullerton_Blue_Purple theme: royal purple & royal blue

JOandJARS‘s 1st time working with a wedding planner, but we did get to meet the lovely bride a month before her big day. royal purple & royal blue were the wedding’s theme colours, which perfectly complemented the luxurious Fullerton Hotel’s sophistication.

JOandJARS_CandyBuffet_Fullerton_Purple_Blue this roof garden on level 5 of the fullerton hotel is one of our favourite locations!

JOandJARS_CandyBuffet_Dogs featuring the couple’s dogs :)

JOandJARS_CandyBuffet_Vintage the little touches; our attention to detail

JOandJARS_CandyBuffet_Hershey_Kisses an entire tray of personalised dark chocolate hershey’s kisses!

JOandJARS_CandyBuffet_Macadamia_Almond_Cashew_Pistachio 1kg of macadamias, almonds, cashews, pistachios

JOandJARS_CandyBuffet_Cellophane_Bags_Takeaway personalised cellophane bags for takeaway

23march2013: a classy vintage candy buffet

“thanks once again for the lovely set-up! it’s exactly what we wanted and more!”


JOandJARS‘s super-sweet client texted us her appreciation almost immediately after her wedding luncheon at the Mandarin Oriental, Singapore! the gorgeous bride was such a joy to work with, because she knew exactly what she wanted – right from the start when she 1st contacted us in november 2012, she had already decided on her food items: pink m&ms, hershey’s kisses, garrett popcorn, ferrero rocher, pocky, gem biscuits, individually-wrapped marshmallows.


JOandJARS_CandyBuffet_ClassyVintage03 theme: classy vintage with ivory, gold & blush pink!


floral centrepiece, arrangements with twinkling candles, personalised hershey’s kisses. timeless, glorious and classy, the ‘love’ theme was perfect for this beautiful couple!

9march2013: a sesame street candy buffet

“thanks for everything! am very pleased with the set-up & everything”

JOandJARS_CandyBuffet_SesameStreet01 we had so much fun preparing for our client’s son’s sesame street theme, with the focus on cookie monster (because it’s blue and boys=blue?). best part? the 3.5week-old baby’s super cute ♥ also, we were honoured when our client asked us to send her photos immediately after the event, which was followed by several sms/email requests on the same day!

JOandJARS_CandyBuffet_SesameStreet02 & part 2 of our set-up the lunch party; because the focus was on cookie monster, it only made sense for the 50 party favours to be chocolate chip cookies! of course, not without JOandJARS customisation: sticker labels + food labels + ribbons + gift tags :)

JOandJARS_CandyBuffet_SesameStreet03 fruit jellies, mentos kidz, marshmallows, M&Ms

JOandJARS_CandyBuffet_SesameStreet04 goldfish crackers (remember dorothy, elmo’s pet goldfish?) & personalised serving cups + takeaway bags

2march2013: a ‘post-gatecrashing’ candy buffet

apologies to SQ: we didn’t save all the nice things you said before our whatsapp crashed – so we no longer have a record of your compliments & kind words to us :'(

JOandJARS_CandyBuffet_Gatecrashing01 this morning, the bride&groom were surprised to see our candy buffet (upon returning to the bride’s house for tea ceremony after tea ceremony at the groom’s house); what a sweet sponsorship by SQ, the bride’s sister, JOandJARS‘s youngest client to date! SQ contacted us a mere 2 weeks before her sister’s big day, but we had fun planning & brainstorming with her. gotta love a client who knows exactly what she wants :)

JOandJARS_CandyBuffet_Gatecrashing02 theme: pink & purple

for a rainbow-themed candy buffet;

JOandJARSRainbowRose the JOandJARS team had a few dozen of these high-quality roses imported from ecuador – just look at the shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink! we love how, like fingerprints, no two rainbow roses are alike. produced under the most stringent environmental & social conditions, these roses have a shelf-life of ~15days :) wanna know more? read our rainbow rose article!

23january2013: a babyTV candy buffet

“thank you so much for the beautiful ‘sweets buffet’ you made for my daughter. also for the late tear-down. my plan actually is to do it myself but you made it exactly the way i want it. more than what i imagine”

JOandJARS_CandyBuffet_BabyTV_04 recognise this from your childhood? we made 30 of these for an adorable little girl’s 1st birthday party :) best part? the adults loved the lollipops as much as the kids did – “these are SO cute,” they gushed. & we’ll have you know it was super fun making the ring pops!

JOandJARS_CandyBuffet_BabyTV_01 our set-up for the babyTV fan, complete with themed banners & food labels!

JOandJARS_CandyBuffet_BabyTV_03 our customised chocolate bars + JOandJARS ribbons!

JOandJARS_CandyBuffet_BabyTV_02 serving cups

19january2013: a pink dragonfly candy buffet

FacebookUpload01 length of table: 360cm x 90cm

FacebookUpload02 pink: the bride’s favourite colour

FacebookUpload03 the JOandJARS team was honoured to be of service to this beautiful couple on their wedding night at Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel. it was especially meaningful working on the ‘dragonfly’ theme; the bride & groom’s love story began when they first met at the now-defunct mandopop club ‘dragonfly’ – how sweet is that!

19january2013: a pastel candy buffet

JOandJARSCandyBuffetfor the first time, the JOandJARS had the opportunity to liaise with both the bride (via email) & groom (via calls + texts) regarding this candy buffet for their pastel-themed wedding luncheon at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Hotel. unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet the lovely couple as we arrived quite early for set-up, and missed them again during the tear-down.

JOandJARSCandyBuffetwe love (pun unintended!) how clients always request for this ‘LOVE’ sign to be included in their set-up. after their wedding, some even ask us to help them purchase it for display in their new house! so. if you can’t find it in stores, let us know – we’ll get one for you :)

30december2012: a bold candy buffet


a wedding dinner at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa – JOandJARS‘s last event for 2012! interestingly, this client approached us 4 months before her wedding with a pink+gold theme in mind. after 1 month, however, the theme was changed to deep red + deep purple + orange. another month later, the couple decided on a deep red + deep purple + yellow/gold theme. it’s great, because we love bold colours!


when we arrived for set-up, the hotel staff were still clearing up after the previous wedding, so we waited awhile for our table and accompanying linen. during this time we chatted with the couple’s enthusiastic reception helpers, who were excited about the candy buffet and discussed among themselves which item to eat first. so, it was no surprise that when we were done setting up, the reception ladies were the first to help themselves :)

this was the 1st wedding where we didn’t get to catch the couple – they were at another venue for solemnisation when we were setting up and when we went back to tear-down, they were just about to do their 2nd march-in. as such, we were pleasantly surprised when the groom approached us just as we were leaving, to thank us for the candy buffet. that made our day(night)!